Betrayal & Persecution Pt. 1

judas kiss

I guess when we learn to take the persecution and betrayal and not dwell on it and ALLOW it to affect us, it is then that we realize we have grown. Initially it will hurt or might even cause confusion, but that’s the carnal, human part of us reacting first. But then we must begin to look at the spiritual aspect of things. Those that live Godly SHALL suffer persecution. What is persecution? Being oppressed because of what you believe in or being troubled persistently. It’s going to come, whether it be through friend or foe, kinsman or stranger, expect it. When it comes through kinship or friendship, there is a certain level of hurt that one experiences and many questions that run through the mind. In all of this I realize that it HAS to happen. Jesus’ betrayal HAD to happen to get him to the cross. The “kiss” from Judas was an absolute necessity. Golgotha’s hill had to be trodden. The cross he HAD to bear. It all had a purpose that must be filled.

Count it all joy!


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