Matters of The Heart

matters of the heart

Matters of the heart, issues of the heart, troubles of the heart are all the same. We can deceive others and tell them, “Nothing’s the “matter”, but God knows the Matters of the heart.

A person will laugh and yet have a heavy heart. Not everyone is qualified to deal with the matters of the heart…. But the Word of God is skilled in judging the heart. Everything that the heart thinks and considers is never hidden from the Word.

In a literal sense, “matter” is something that occupies space. My question to you today is, “What’s occupying the space in your heart? What is the “matter” of your heart?”  Let it not be evil, malice, revenge, unforgiveness or the like. The heart can be very wicked and harbor ungodly things if we allow it.

Purify our hearts is our prayer on today. Let our hearts be free from hidden things when we cry out to God.  Whatever the “matters” of our hearts are, let that space be occupied with God’s love instead.


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