Communication Rules The Nation

In life there have been misunderstandings, break-ups, fights, loss of jobs, etc. because of lack of communication.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “I can’t read your mind”. Well, this statement is true and is basically saying tell me your thoughts and opinions. Even if you have to write it down; let it be known to the person you’re trying to convey it to.

But let’s remember that communication is a two-way street. There is receiving and imparting, giving and taking. Just as well as you are given the opportunity to speak you should also be willing to listen. Selfishness says, “I will be heard, but will not hear.”

A slew of problems could be solved through proper communication.   The Lord spoke to the nation of Israel in Isaiah 1:18. He said, “Come, let us reason together.”  In other words, “let’s discuss this”.  Their sins were like scarlet, but God was letting them know that after this discussion, I will wash you white as snow. You never know what blessing comes from talking it out- the issues that are resolved, the relationships that are restored. How awesome is it that even GOD talks to man!


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