It Won’t Come Near You!

angelBelieve the Word of the Lord that no matter what’s going on around you or in this wicked world, God won’t let it touch you. Just like He did for Job, He has a hedge of protection surrounding you from dangers seen and unseen. There is no need to fear. You might think that because so many negative things are happening around you that it’s getting closer to your street. Just know that you are covered. Just because tragedy is striking others, doesn’t mean it’s going to strike you. You are safe under Divine protection. Imagine Jesus Christ being your personal Body Guard-the One who healed the sick and raised the dead, conquered death and hell, who said He would never leave nor forsake you! Choose Jesus for your Protector and you will have no need to fear.                                                                              Let us take the Israelites as an example: the plague that killed all the first born in Egypt was near the Israelites dwelling place but it didn’t enter in.  Why? Because they followed the instructions given by God and sprinkled the doorposts with lamb’s blood.  There is safety in obedience to God. God will allow you to be a spectator ONLY of the punishment of the wicked, but it won’t touch you. Dwell in the “secret place” and abide under the Almighty’s shadow. There is safety in His arms and know and believe that He has angels protecting you wherever you go. Make the Lord your dwelling place and nothing shall harm you!