The Lord Did That “Thing” (Exo. 9:6)

A while ago, I heard my Pastor preach a message entitled, “The Lord did that thing.”  To me, it was amazing to find that phrase in scripture. Some of us use that phrase in slang if someone has done an extremely good job at something, but we would say “they did that thang!”

But in this particular scripture, it has a different meaning.  God continued to send Pharaoh warnings through Moses to “let His people go”, but Pharaoh would not hearken to the voice of God.  Because Pharaoh wouldn’t listen, God touched his cattle and caused a plague. All of Egypt’s cattle would die, and all of Israel’s would live. The appointed time set by God was for the “morrow”, the next day. Exodus 9:5(b) stated: To morrow the LORD shall do this thing in the land. And then we arrive at verse 6 where is states, “the Lord did that thing on the morrow.”  Exactly what God said He was going to do and how He said He was going to do it came to pass. In this case, it was punishment for disobedience, but every “THING” that God declares He’s going to do isn’t always negative.

There are some “things” God has promised to you and to your children and at the time appointed by God He shall – He will, DO THAT THING!!  I ask you on today, What “thing” are you waiting for God to do? What “thing” has God promised you? When He does it, you too can declare that GOD DID THAT THING!!!


The Bible, God’s Recipe Book

pink bible

I was thinking, we read “how to” books, recipe books, self-help books, and the like. But if we would dig into the bible, which is our instruction manual for living holy, we will always have success. Whatever problem, whatever questions we have, there’s an answer in the word of God. The Word of God not only instructs us on how to live holy, but it tells husbands how to treat their wives and vice versa. The bible tells us parents how to “train” our children; It tells Pastors how to lead their flock. People write books based on teachings from the bible. The list goes on and on.

The bible reminds me of a recipe book. What I love about recipe books is there are recipes for main dishes, appetizers, desserts, side dishes and more. There are Mexican dishes, soul foods, Italian meals. Any person that cooks, has a desire to improve their cooking, or wants to learn how to cook can find a recipe in a cook book.

And so the Bible is similar. It matters not your background, gender, race or even religion. If you’re a Believer and have a desire to improve your walk with Christ, learn to live Holy or you just want to learn more of God… study the word of God and you will find what you need.

The Bible is not bias, but in fact is impartial and fair. It is an instruction manual, a recipe book for life, a self-help guide, a journal. It’s non-fiction, though. Everything you read is truth, so believe it and remain teachable always.